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Attention! Greg has now begun doing psychic work with his new Project, 

The Legitamystic


This site will no longer be updated, however, e-mail greg if you need services.

23 years old, independently trained for 8 years, and extremely passionate about what he does. Greg von Haeser is an intuitive and astrological machine. Sit down with him for a half hour and prepare to hear things about yourself you didn't even know!

Operating from the heart, Greg does astrology with the sheer desire to enlighten you about yourself. He is motivated to serve the universe in aiding you on whatever path it is you have chosen. He will utilize his intellect, his intuition, his feelings, and his bullheaded practicality to make sure all your questions are answered.


Greg Guarantees that you'll leave a reading with him awestruck. If not, then give it a few minutes, he wont stop until you are!



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  • ""Greg Von Haesler is a brilliant young man with a deep and often amazing grasp of astrology. Greg is also very intuitive and at times I did not know if he was reading my chart o..."
    John Dupuy
    Integrative Life Therapist
  • "I had the privilege of meeting and working with Greg in February 2010. He is an astrologer that not only loves his craft but also has vast knowledge and a heightened intuition..."
    Ross Mckenzie
    Friend, Client, Colleague

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